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Marijuana Coalition Pushes to Reform Medical Marijuana

Will Michigan legalize recreational use of marijuana in 2016? The legalization of recreational marijuana is a hot topic across our nation. Which states will throw in with Colorado and Washington come 2016? Michigan may be one of them but there

Michigan to Decide on Medical Marijuana and Autism

Will Michigan be the first state to add autism as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana? “The parents I’ve talked to are passionate and adamant that this represents a dramatic improvement in the quality of life for them and their

State Approves Two Michigan Petitions To Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Will you sign petitions for legalizing marijuana? If these petitions make it to the November 2016 ballot, will you vote to legalize recreational marijuana in Michigan? Whether you are for legalizing recreational marijuana or not, the first steps to getting

Will Michigan Vote to Legalize Marijuana in 2016?

Would you vote to legalize marijuana? John Sinclair Freedom Rally – Hash Bash It was 1971 when a freedom rally was held to free a poet and activist named John Sinclair. John Lennon, Yoko Onon, Bob Seger, Stevie Wonder, and

Detroit Suburb Student Gives Teacher Marijuana Laced Cookie

As marijuana becomes decriminalized across the State of Michigan, there is and will be a lot of confusion. The federal government has reported that they will allow states like Washington, Colorado, and now Alaska to regulate and implement initiatives that

Marijuana Legalization: Marijuana Goes Legal in Alaska

Will Michigan be next? Marijuana is now officially legal in Alaska for those adults 21 years and older on private property and in small amounts. February 24th, 2015 was the day the legalization took effect. The state of Oregon is

Michigan Picked: Most Likely to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Do you support the legalization of marijuana in Michigan? Do you think Michigan will be the first state in the Midwest to legalize recreational marijuana? In December 2014, the High Times released an article that lists 8 states that are

Is Marijuana Endangering Our Kids?

Can using marijuana affect the custody of your child? It was 2008 when Michigan approved medical marijuana. Since then, many Michigan cities have legalized or decriminalized recreational marijuana. With all the change that has come with the decriminalization or legalization

Marijuana Friendly Cities in Michigan – Updated

Which Michigan cities have voted to legalize marijuana? Can you now use marijuana without worrying about the cops? This month more than 11 Michigan cities voted on marijuana related measures. That is in addition to the other 11 cities that

Marijuana Legalization Sweeps Through the Nation

Did you head to the polls last Tuesday to vote for the legalization for recreational marijuana? Which Michigan cities passed pro-marijuana measures? An article by CNN reminded us just how the American people feel about marijuana. In a recent Pew