Is Marijuana Endangering Our Kids?

Is Marijuana Endangering Our Kids?

Can using marijuana affect the custody of your child?

It was 2008 when Michigan approved medical marijuana. Since then, many Michigan cities have legalized or decriminalized recreational marijuana.

With all the change that has come with the decriminalization or legalization of marijuana, other concerns have arisen. For instance, a mother of two is now facing child abuse and drug charges after giving her sons marijuana for what she believes were medical reasons.

Right here in Michigan, a mom is coming under fire when she gave her 10-year-old and her 12-year-old son marijuana to treat emotional issues and ADHD. According to the Detroit Free Press, the mother preferred treating her sons with marijuana over the prescribed pills.

The Medical Marijuana Law

The Detroit Free Press reports that even though minors can get authorization for medical marijuana, emotional issues and ADHD are not qualifying conditions under the state guidelines.

According to the The Daily, this Michigan mom is now facing a drug change that could land her up to four years in prison. In addition, she is also facing child abuse charges that are punishable by up to 2 years in prison and 5 years of probation.

The Minnesota Mom

Our local Michigan mom isn’t the only mom to face charges after giving their child marijuana for medical reasons.

According to SCTimes, Angela Brown gave her 15-year-old son marijuana oil to help relieve pain from a traumatic brain injury. She was charged with two gross misdemeanors that included child endangerment.

Another Michigan mom actually lost custody of her child for six weeks after police found 29 marijuana plants at their home. MLive reported that the police didn’t realize when they raided the home that the mother, Maria Green, is a licensed caregiver and her husband, Steve, uses medical marijuana to help treat his violent seizures.

You can read more about that story at, How Marijuana is Affecting the Custody of Your Child.

Marijuana and Our Kids

These are only a few of the stories about how parents and marijuana have affected their kids. There are many more stories. With so much change happening with the legalization/decriminalization of marijuana, the question becomes, should we take another look at the child endangerment laws?

Michigan isn’t the only state that is facing this dilemma. In an article by the Huffington Post, it is pointed out that while Colorado has legalized marijuana for adults, it still remains a Schedule I substance under federal law. What that means, according to the article, is that marijuana cannot be in a home where a child resides.

“But in dozens of interviews with lawyers and officials who work in this area, along with activists who counsel parents on marijuana and child endangerment, the consensus is clear: Pot’s growing acceptance is complicating the task of determining when kids are in danger.”

Is Marijuana Endangering Our Kids? – Bringing It Home

From giving your child marijuana to relieve what you believe to be medical reasons to losing custody of your child after following all the state’s medical marijuana laws, the truth is there is a lot that is unclear. If you are at risk of losing your child because of a marijuana related charge, please call my office at:

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