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Medicare Fraud Charges and Penalties – What You Need to Know

Medicare has provided health insurance for many individuals and many depend greatly on the services that they receive. When Medicare was originally created, it was designed to help honest doctors who helped the needy receive Medicare services. Throughout the years,

Mail Fraud: What You Need to Know

Do you know someone that has been charged with mail fraud? When you think of the crimes of those individuals that are sitting in a prison cell have committed, mail fraud might not be the first offense that comes to

Health Care Fraud: Detroit Area Doctor Convicted

This past Monday, a Detroit area doctor was given a prison sentence for health care fraud. Hussein “Sam” Awada, 46, of Royal Oak, Michigan received 7 years after being convicted in federal court. Share1Tweet1ShareEmail

Michigan Doctor Convicted of Medicare Fraud

A doctor in Michigan was convicted last week of knowingly and intentionally billing Medicare for services he never provided and inappropriately prescribing drugs.

Detroit: One of the Top Cities for Medicare Fraud

Medicare Fraud Targeted by Strike Force In 2007, the Medicare Fraud Strike Force was formed. According to the Office of Inspector General, the Medicare Fraud Strike Force uses data analytics and resources from the Federal, State, and local law enforcement