Child Abuse Pediatricians in Michigan – Parents Wrongfully Accused

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Have you ever heard the term “medical kidnapping?”

If you want to tear your hair out in rage, read some of the stories you find online under that search term.

Good parents, parents who would never dream of abusing or neglecting their children, are having their children taken from them by CPS with the help of a new category of medical professional: child abuse pediatricians.

Did you know that one of Michigan’s leading health facilities – University of Michigan’s Mott’s Children’s Hospital – is one of the worst places to take your child if he or she has an unexplained injury?


Because you may end up having your child taken away from you rather than getting a diagnosis.

Child Abuse Pediatricians: a New Pediatric Sub-Specialty

No parent should be afraid to take their child to the ER or the doctor if the child is ill.

Dr. Bethany Mohr of Mott’s Children’s Hospital is the child abuse specialist at the bottom of many false allegations of abuse in Michigan. She and her team are board certified as child abuse experts.

As child abuse specialists, they testify in court and are regarded by juries as experts.

If they believe your child has been abused, and that’s what they recommend to the state, you may be looking at a gut-wrenching and expensive legal battle.

How Do You Protect Yourself and Your Child?

You can’t stay home when your child is hurt and needs medical attention.

However, it can be scary to take them in with an injury wondering if any of the doctors could report you.

Even worse, you may be trusting the doctors to help you figure out what’s wrong with your child and end up having the information used against you; information you gave to try to help your child’s diagnosis.

Most parents are unsuspecting and trusting. They wouldn’t think their child’s doctor was interviewing them as an investigation into a crime like they would with a police officer.

Moreover, there are some ways you can and should protect yourself as you head into the ER.

Don’t Guess

If your child’s injury is a clear-cut case and can be explained by an accident, you have less to fear.

Child abuse pediatricians are taught to look for a pattern of unexplained injuries first and foremost. Additionally, they are mandated reporters.

If you don’t know how an injury happened, don’t try to add helpful guesses. State that you don’t know and that you are very concerned.

Doctors can misunderstand, or they can outright use your words against you later.

Do Your Research

If you are in search of a medical diagnosis for your child, you can always do your research into the doctor referrals before taking your child in to see them.

You are allowed to take your child to the medical specialist of your choosing. You are allowed to avoid those known for leveling child abuse allegations.

Get a Lawyer Experienced with Dealing With CPS

The minute the police or CPS gets involved, you need to have a defense lawyer present.

CPS agents are trained to act as though every allegation of child abuse is true. They aren’t there to listen to you. They are there to gather evidence.

You need to make sure of your constitutional rights and get a defense lawyer fighting for you immediately. The more time we have to review your case, the better our chances of getting your family life back.

Michigan Child Abuse Defense Attorney

Don’t let the state take your child for a bogus medical reason.

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