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University of Michigan Enforces Drinking and Drug Policy

For many young adults, going away to college spells FREEDOM with a capital ‘F’. However, in the words of the wise Eleanor Roosevelt, “with freedom comes responsibility”. It’s no secret that college campuses, some more than others, have a reputation

Teenage Drinking: What Your Teen Risks If Caught

Underage drinking is a serious problem. If you are concerned if your teen is drinking or have discovered they are, this article will shed light on the risks involved.

Traverse City Man on Scooter Charged With Drunk Driving

Can you be charged with drunk driving even when you aren’t driving a car? If you are riding your lawn mower and enjoying a few beers, can you be charged with drunk driving? It is the time of year when

How Much Will Your DUI Cost You?

Will your DUI raise your car insurance? What are the penalties for driving under the influence? As the first weekend of May debuts, the weather is simply gorgeous in Metro Detroit. This weekend will be full of temperatures in the

What You Need to Know: Getting Your Michigan Driver’s License Back

Have you had your driver’s license revoked? Are you receiving warnings that you have too many points on your license? How often we take ability to drive for granted. You never realize how blessed you are to have a working

Driver’s License Revoked in Michigan: 5 Questions You Need to Ask

Can your license be suspended indefinitely? What if I refused to take the breathalyzer test? If you are worried that your license will be revoked this is the article for you. Today, I am providing 5 questions you may be

Drinking and Driving During the Holidays: What You Need To Know

Are you planning on meeting your buddies for drinks the night before Thanksgiving? Will the police increase patrols over the holidays? The holidays are almost here and as if to welcome the holiday season, it snowed a week before Thanksgiving

Can a Smartphone App Really Tell If You Are Too Drunk to Drive?

Have you seen the new breathalyzer apps for your Smartphone? Would you base your decision to drive home after drinking – based on the readings from a Smartphone app? All over the Internet including Amazon, local and national news stations,

5 Questions to Ask Your Detroit Criminal Defense Attorney OWI

When Charged with Operating While Intoxicated Are you in need of a Michigan criminal defense attorney? Have you or someone you know been charged with an OWI and need help? Michigan, as well as the United States, has strict laws

Woodward Dream Cruise 2014 – What to do & How to stay safe

Will there be more police officers on the roads during the Woodward Dream Cruise? What is Michigan blood alcohol level? Over 1 million people from all over the country and from many places throughout the world are expected to come