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Are you or is a loved one facing federal conspiracy charges? Not sure where to turn for legal help?

A conspiracy charge may not sound that serious. Compared to other more well-known charges that bring to mind scenes of graphic violence or illegally gaining large sums of money, the word “conspiracy” doesn’t conjure up much of an image.

However, did you know you could end up with the same severe sentence as a drug trafficker or a career con artist if you are convicted of a federal conspiracy charge?

You can be convicted even if you played a minor role or never participated in any crime.

The federal government uses this charge liberally against people. In addition, it is a favorite strategy of federal prosecutors. The conspiracy strategy allows prosecutors to introduce evidence more broadly in their investigation and makes it easier to get convictions.

As a result, you could be charged in connection with a drug crime, a fraud investigation, or even violent crimes in which you had no part.

How Can the Federal Government Do This?

Conspiracy charges are broad and vague. Therefore, they are difficult to defend against.

The law sees conspiracy as a plan between two or more people to commit a crime, and one of the individuals taking steps toward implementing the plan without doing anything illegal.

Prosecutors do not have to have written proof that a plan or an agreement existed. They do not have to have evidence that an interaction took place.

They only have to have evidence that two or more people were working together in some way to commit a crime at some later point.

The same law makes it illegal not just to defraud the United States, but to conspire to defraud the United States. U.S. Code § 371

This law also makes it illegal to plan to break any federal law. Prosecutors can use this vague law to their advantage to charge people with many types of crimes.

Additionally, everyone the government sees as being involved can receive the same punishment, regardless of their level of involvement.

Federal drug cases are a prime example of the danger this law poses for you. Mandatory minimum sentences are often harsh and unyielding. Consequently, prosecutors may seek punishment for every drug involved in the alleged crime.

What should you do if your are being investigated?

Hire a Dedicated Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

If you don’t have an attorney who is willing to put in the time, effort, and creativity to defend you against federal conspiracy charges, find one who is.

Federal conspiracy charges are challenging to defend against successfully. Your attorney must be willing to do their best to find out what role the government thinks you played in the conspiracy, and what evidence they have against you. However, this information can be hard to uncover.

Michigan Federal Conspiracy Defense Attorney

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David J. Kramer, Michigan Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Being investigated for federal conspiracy charges can be frightening. First, know that you are not alone. Second, contact a skilled and experienced federal attorney as soon as possible.

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