Federal vs State of Michigan Marijuana Law

Medical marijuana

Should Michigan residents follow the Federal or State marijuana law?

In your city, is the use of medical marijuana legal?

To the second question, you would imagine the answer would be an easy yes since Michigan passed a law allowing for the use of medical marijuana. However, for many cities and law enforcement, it is still a confusing part of the law.

While the State of Michigan allows for medical marijuana, and even some cities like Detroit allow for small amounts of possession, at the federal level marijuana is illegal on all counts.

The Confusion

Many cites in Michigan remain confused even years after medical marijuana was made legal. In cities like Flint, possession of less than one ounce of marijuana by an adult was voted and made legal. However, the city police have chosen to follow what they say is State and Federal law prosecuting anything besides a medical marijuana case.

This confusion had one U.S Attorney speaking up. U.S Attorney Patrick Miles, who was appointed by President Barack Obama in March, spoke up about the issue. MLive quoted Miles saying:

Michigan law is misunderstood. People expected obtaining medical marijuana would require a prescription and a pharmacy. It doesn’t. It is very simple to get a medical marijuana card. Marijuana remains illegal under Michigan law. A Michigan medical marijuana license to grow or a card to use only gives immunity under State law, not Federal,” he said.

Are You Aware?

Are you aware of what you city’s possession of marijuana law is? Do you know if your city’s police have decided whether or not they will follow federal law or state law?

Those are important questions you need to ask yourself, especially if you are facing charges. If you are facing charges, having a lawyer by your side who is familiar with the marijuana law could prove critical.

So, what is your answer? Federal or State or city?