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Mental Insanity Defense

Jordan McClanahan of Hazel Park, Michigan was arraigned on Thursday on first-degree felony murder charges and mutilation of the body of Jessica White. White, was found in McClanahan’s home attic. The cause of death was from being strangled with a belt, and her fingertips were cut off with bolt cutters.

When police questioned McClanahan asking if he had anything to say, he replied: “The evening I picked her up I had been taking medication, OxyContin and Xanax and mixed it up with some Wellbutrin and ibuprofen. I went to a party store and we were drinking and my dad…”

The police officer stopped McClanahn and suggested he seek a with an attorney before he said anything else. McClanhan then requested a court appointed lawyer according The Detroit News.

McClanahn is facing changes that are punishable up to life in prison without parole. The fact that there was body mutilation alone can carry a 10-year prison sentence.

McClanahan surrendered to Troy police on Tuesday night with his father next to him. The reason is not known why he turned himself in. That time, McClanahan confessed that he had “lied” to police and that the body “was dead and her body wrapped in a tarp in the attic.”

The Right to a Fair Trail

When it comes to murder charges, there are many pieces of evidence and information that play into the case. For Jordan McClanahan, the future might look bleak. He is facing a punishment of life in prison. However, it is crucial to remember that every person has the right to a fair trial and that they are innocent until proven guilty. He has a right to share his side of the story.

Having an experienced defense attorney can help in tough cases like this one. While we do not know all the exact details of this case, some people might have found themselves in a situation where they committed a terrible act and did not know what they were doing at the time due to mental illness, drugs, and alcohol.

Being intoxicated with drugs and alcohol alone does not give grounds to excuse any kind of behavior like this. However, understanding the role of mental insanity can impact a case. A defense attorney will look into all the details of a case and find the areas that will help to create a strong defense to help the outcome for a defendant.

Mental Health and Mental Insanity Definition

If a person is proven to be mentally insane at the time the crime was committed it can raise the issue of criminal responsibility. Legal insanity is defined as not knowing that what one is doing is wrong. To give more clarity to what this might look like in the State of Michigan, we can read the definition according to the Michigan Penal Code:

“It is an affirmative defense to a prosecution for a criminal offense that the defendant was legally insane when he or she committed the acts constituting the offense. An individual is legally insane, if as a result of mental illness as defined in section 400 of the mental health code, or as a result of having an intellectual disability as defined in section 100b of the mental health code…Mental illness or having an intellectual disability does not otherwise constitute a defense of legal insanity.”

It is important to note, that being under voluntarily consumed or injected alcohol or controlled substances is not considered to be legally insane solely because they were under the influence. In addition, there needs to be an overwhelming amount of evidence to prove a defendant is mentally insane.

Seek Experienced Legal Advice

When you are facing any kind of charges whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony, and you believe that mental insanity played a role in the crime, please contact us immediately. Having an experienced defense attorney who understands the role of mental insanity on your side is critical.

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