Detroit Mom Mitchelle Blair Sentenced to Life Without Parole

Mitchelle Blair sentenced
If you have lived anywhere near Detroit over the last several months, you have probably heard about Mitchelle Blair. You have probably seen the pictures of her staring at her children’s fathers. You have probably watched clips of her. You have probably heard her admit to killing two out of the four of her children.

Back in March, the bodies of Blair’s children, Stoni and Steven, were found in a freezer only after Blair was evicted from her home in Detroit. Later, Blair admitting to killing both her children.

When such horrific crimes occur, we can’t help but ask why. Sometimes those answers never come. While I’m not sure we will be able to wrap our minds around a crime like this, we do have information on what happen to Stoni and Steven.

Details and graphic information below, may not be suitable for everyone.

According to an article by Fox 2, Blair admitted to killing both 13-year-old daughter, Stoni, and 9-year-old son, Steven without any remorse. She told the court that she killed Stoni because she believed that Stoni had raped her youngest son. She admitted to punching Stoni on several different occasion, burning her with hot water and hitting in the head. Stoni died after being suffocated by a grocery bag.

In that same article by Fox 2, Blair reported finding out a year later that Steven was also raping her youngest son. She admitted,

“If I had killed Steven intentionally I definitely would be proud to say I did, but I didn’t,” she added. “I don’t feel no emotion for the death of them demons [sic].”

Steven’s death was reported to be an accident. She reported putting a garbage bag over his head, choking him with a belt, punching and kicking him, burning him with scalding hot water on his genital areas, and making him drink Windex.

Fox 2 reported that the medical examiner’s reports were consistent with Blair’s testimony.

In an article by the Detroit Free Press, the Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Carin Goldfarb told the court that there wasn’t any evidence of Stephen and Stoni abusing the other children.

The Detroit Free Press also reported that Wyatt Harris, Blair’s defense attorney, said that Blair was abused as a child herself. He says that she “lacked support and didn’t cope with the situation the way most people would have.”

June 17, 2015, Mitchelle Blair was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility for parole.

What About the Surviving Children?

The Detroit Free Press reported Wayne County Circuit Judge Dana Hathaway saying,

“Thankfully that house of horrors that you created is no longer in existence,” Hathaway told Blair. “I do pray that your remaining children will recover from what they saw and endured in that household.”

The future of the two surviving children remains unknown. Both fathers are fighting for custody. In article by MyFoxDetroit, both father have been ordered to undergo psychological evaluations.

The Detroit Free Press reported that the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is “seeking to terminate Blair’s parental rights as well as the parental rights to the fathers of the living children, saying they failed to protect them. The fathers — Steven Berry and Dorsey — are fighting to keep their parental rights and maintain they didn’t know about the abuse.”

What Do You Think?

Do you think that justice has been served? Should the father’s parental rights be terminated?