Detroit Police Task Force Focused on Reducing Carjackings

Have you seen more police patrol cars in Detroit, Michigan?

Carjacking is a problem in metropolitan cities around the country. It has been a city-wide issue in Detroit. The people of Detroit may soon be able to start to feel a bit safer as the Detroit Police Department is increasing staff and patrol cars in order to catch more carjackers.

At a news conference in early August, Detroit Police Chief James Craig stated the following about the department’s plans on curtailing carjacking according to an article by the Detroit Free Press,

The department launched a task force last week aimed at curbing carjackings.”

Craig also discussed other changes to the police department during the news conference. He stated that the “department is assigning more officers to field duties and new police vehicles are being prepped for deployment.” He also stated that “the department is in a hiring mode, working on bringing back the tactical services section and looking to start a gang intelligence unit.”

Carjackings have affected many Detroiters including Detroit mayoral candidate Mike Dugeon.

People Already Being Arrested for Carjacking

Seven people were arrested for being apart of a carjacking ring last month. Earlier this month, the police have started paroles focused on the business district. The extra paroles are varying a different time of day and night.

The Good News…

The good news is that homicides in Detroit are currently down 6.6%. Unfortunately, robberies are up since last year. The police were given a grant to pay for the patrol cars and to equip themselves to help reduce the number of carjackings.

53 Unmarked Dodge Chargers

Soon there will be 53 unmarked Dodge Chargers that take to the streets, patrolling not only the business district of Detroit, but also other parts of Detroit that have the highest number of incidents.

What do you think?
Will the extra patrol cars and equipment catch more carjackers? Will this help Detroit residents and visitors to the city feel safer?