What the Mafia and Poinsettias Have In Common

Do you love a good Mafia movie?

Did you think that mobsters were only around in the 1920s?

We have all been mesmerized by movies like Goodfellas and The Godfather. T.V. shows like Boardwalk Empire showcase mobsters like Al Capone. We have all seen that mobsters have inter-tangled themselves into our American history.

Well, if you love a good Mafia movie, I have the perfect plot for you. What does the Mafia and poinsettias have in common? One word: scam. The Mafia are still at it and not just in the United States.

The Plot

The mobsters is at it again and this time instead of pushing alcohol or drugs, they are pushing poinsettias. For the past 3 holiday seasons, four known mobsters in the southern city of Naples, Italy, forced owners to pay about 100 times the wholesale price of a poinsettia.

That price was 100 euros or approximately $140 U.S Dollars. Normally even in Italy poinsettias won’t cost you that much money. The Huffington Post reported that poinsettias in Italy cost about $5.

What Happens If The Shop Owners Refuse the Mafia?

Just like in any good Mafia movie, if the owners of the shops refused to pay, their shops were vandalized. According to the BBC,

It wasn’t someone dressed like Santa Claus tapping on the doors of shop owners and businesses… Instead there were four emissaries of the Mazzarella clan,” police said. The men were trying to raise funds for the families and legal fees of jailed gang members, police said.”

The BBC went on to report that the Mafia extortion is the “curse of business life in much of southern Italy”. The Mafia men were using the money to raise funds for legal fees to help other Mafia members who were in jail.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that this real life story would make a good movie?