Grand Rapids Decriminalizes Pot 6 Months After City’s Vote


Did your city vote to decriminalize pot last November? Has your city listened to your vote?

One big change that happened in November in many states and cities was the vote to decriminalize pot. States include Colorado and cities, Flint and Grand Rapids, Michigan. While federal law still says the use and possession of pot is illegal, many police and city officials are left with questions on what they should do now.

Grand Rapids, Michigan is one of those cities. Fifty eight percent of the city voted to decriminalize pot. However, that was in November, and since that vote, the people have battled for their voices to be heard and the vote to be implemented.

Why the Stall?

Kent County Prosecutor, Bill Forsyth, filled a law suit that stalled the bill. Many of the city members opted to wait for the April 24th hearing. Paul Sullivan, the Kent County Circuit Judge, authorized Grand Rapids to implement the decriminalization of pot.

MLive reports:

Though Sullivan has not made a ruling in the case, city leaders said they are confident that the court will uphold the charter amendment. City Manager Greg Sundstrom on Tuesday issued an executive order to implement decriminalization, effective today, in accordance with a set of guidelines that still directs police to pursue criminal charges for some marijuana offenses – including possession of more than 2.5 ounces.”

On May 1st, the Decimation of Pot took effect by possession of 2.5 ounces and results in a ticket citation. Possession of more than 2.5 ounces will result in criminal charges. While the city and the advocates from DecriminalizeGR, a group that advocates for the decriminalization of pot, know that the this new amendment isn’t the end.

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