Celebrating Memorial Day in 2013

American flag

How are you celebrating Memorial Day today?

Today, take a minute and stop and remember why we do indeed celebrate Memorial Day. It may seem like this 3-day weekend is to mark the beginning of summer, but that is not all we are celebrating.

On Facebook and across the Internet, you may have seen many different posts thanking those who have served in our armed services. Those like Marie Michell, who according to the Detroit Free Press,

Marie Michell soared as one of 1,000-plus women to earn their wings as members of a U.S. Army Air Force program. On Oct. 2, 1944, the 20-year-old newlywed’s plane crashed during a training flight over the Mojave Desert in California.”

This World War II veteran received her honors today, and because of her and all those who served, we have the freedoms we have today.

Our city, Detroit, is holding nothing back this year as it celebrates Memorial Day. Today will be full of parades like the one in Auburn Hills, Royal Oak, and West Bloomfield. Also the Red Wings are still in the lead 3-2 as they head into today’s game at 6 pm. With weather that is going to be mostly cloudy and temperatures in the 60s, I’m sure many Detroiters will have steaks sizzling on the grill.

How are you celebrating this Memorial Day? However you plan to celebrate, it’s important to remember not to overdo it. The blood alcohol levels remain at .08 even on holidays in Michigan. Typically on holidays, we tend to see more police on the road. So, remember to stay safe.

Has someone in your family or have you served in the armed forces? Please leave a comment below so we can join you in thanking them.