How a Cop Was Caught Falsifying Evidence


We’ve seen it in the movies, but have you ever actually heard of a cop falsifying evidence?

Would you believe that is because of one man – 15 cases and 16 drug charges have been dropped?

Have you ever watched a cop show? If you have, you know how important it is to obtain a search warrant prior to entering the place in question. If the average citizen can learn how properly acquiring a search warrant can make or break a case, you have to assume that the cops know as well.

Marc Ferguson a deputy on the OaklandCounty narcotics team has recently been the cause of the dismissal of 15 cases and 16 drug charges according to CBS Detroit:

Once we were made aware, we started an internal investigation, and he was removed from the narcotics team,” Oakland County Undersheriff Michael McCabe told the Detroit Free Press. “After an eight-week investigation, including interviewing the other officers in the crew, we concluded that he needed to be terminated and could no longer wear a badge.

Ferguson was caught by an anonymous tip in one of the cases that has now been dismissed. In June 2011, Ferguson entered into a shipping container and noticed that there was over 75 pounds of marijuana which is valued around $300,000 dollars. He then supposedly resealed the shipping container and requested a search warrant.

The man who tried to claim the container was a California man and while the prosecution was prepping their case against the man, the tip was made. The department then combed through 100 cases that Ferguson had been involved with.

The 15 cases that were dismissed were because Ferguson had been key to the investigation.

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