Burger King Employee Hijacks Burglars’ Car

Burger King Employee Hijacks Burglars’ Car

What would you do if your work place was being robbed?

Detroit has had a rainy couple of weeks, and that may be fitting with the Red Wings losing to the Chicago Hawks. That’s the thing I love about Detroit – not much can get it down. We may fall, but we pick ourselves up, dust off our knees and keep going. This persona of perseverance is like that of a Burger King employee that is making headlines everywhere.

The Getaway Car

Picture this, the place you work at is being robbed, but the robbers haven’t spotted you yet. So, what do you do? As you sneak out the back, you notice that the getaway car’s motor is running. That is when you get an idea.

What one man actually did next will shock you and might even make you laugh. While the manager and another employee handed over the money to the two robbers, the third employee that the burglars were unaware of sneaking out the back door and took the getaway car.

The Burglars Took Off on Foot

This employee then drove the car around the block and hid it. When the burglars came out and saw that their getaway car was gone, they took off on foot and that is when the police caught up to them.

The Detroit Free Press reported,

As far as foiled crimes go, this one belongs in the Hall of Fame: After allegedly robbing a Stockton, Calif., Burger King on Thursday night, two men emerged to find their getaway car had vanished. CBS Sacramento reports that Gabriel Gonzalez, 19, and Jeremy Lovitt, 23, then attempted to flee the scene on foot, but were apprehended by police in a nearby field. So what happened to their car?”

Perhaps the burglars should have checked for a third employee. Do you think you would do the same as this brave third employee?