18-Year Old on Trial for Accidental Shooting

One of the greatest tragedies is losing a young person, especially when an accident is involved. One teenager is learning the hard way that guns are not toys.

Richard M. Usher is an 18-year-old who was hanging out with friends in his basement when according to reports, he and 5 other friends were playing with a gun that shot, accidentally killing his 16 year-old-friend.

Russian Roulette

The Detroit Free Press reported,

Police say the shooting followed talk about a game of Russian roulette. Four other males ages 17 to 19 were in the basement when the shooting occurred. No one else was hurt.

Authorities say Usher shot Brandon Kuiper in the face March 6 in the basement of Usher’s home in Ottawa County’s Tallmadge Township home, west of Grand Rapids.”

Usher waived his arraignment on manslaughter and firearm charges. The judge in Ottawa County has scheduled his trial to begin July 9th on this year.

The Difference Between Having A Future and Not
One of the goals in tragedy like this is to try and reduce the effect as much as possible. That includes counseling for the other teenagers involved as well as protecting Richard M. Usher’s future.

It is critical for individual that faces charges especially when an accident is involved, to have a defense lawyer that is experienced. A defense lawyer can be the difference between having a future and not.

One of the Greatest, If Not the Greatest Tragedy

Our hearts and thoughts go out to the family who lost their son and the families involved. Like I said, one of the greatest, if not the greatest tragedy is losing a young person.