Kwame Kilpatrick Violates Parole

Are you keeping tabs of the former Detroit Mayor?

Do you think that $500 in restitution is a good amount for Kilpatrick to be paying?

Don’t be fooled. Kilpatrick does not just owe $500 in restitution, but rather $856,062.60. However, due to Kilpatrick being unable to pay more, he is only required to pay $500 a month back. In addition to his financial restitution, Kilpatrick is also required to perform community service.

These requirements stem from the texting scandal back in 2008. The Free Press acquired the text messages that proved that Kilpatrick and his Chief of staff Christine Beatty perjured themselves in a whistle-blower trial.

While Kilpatrick was sentenced to only 120 days in jail, according to the Free Press, he ended up serving 18 months due to violation his probation. The violation came from refusing to disclose required assets for his plea deal.

Last month, Kilpatrick chose to forgo his restitution payment. The Detroit Free Press reports that Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Maria Miller stated:

It appears that Kilpatrick has decided not to honor the terms of his parole and hopefully corrective action is being taken by (the Michigan Department of Corrections) to deal with this situation.

In addition to not paying the restitution payment, Kilpatrick is also behind in his community services hours. He owes 12 hours for last month. Kilpatrick has completed his community service hours as follows:

  • With Rev. Victor Sharpe in Detroit (8 hours)
  • In Texas at his family’s church, Potters House of Dallas (10 hours)

Does Kilpatrick’s crime meet the punishment? How do you feel about his $500 payment plan? Should he be allowed to do his community service anywhere besides Detroit?

Please share your thoughts below.