K2 Made Illegal in Michigan

K2 Made Illegal in MichiganGovernor Rick Snyder signed into law a package of bills that bans K2 and other synthetic drugs in Michigan on Tuesday of last week in Lansing.

Earlier this month, I published the article on K2, Michigan House Panel Moves to Criminalize K2 Distribution, reporting how Metro-Detroit and many other Michigan cities had banned the selling and use of the drug known as K2, spice or bath salts. The drugs have been sold over the counter at gas stations throughout the state as a blend of herbs sprayed with chemicals. This dangerous convenience of obtaining K2 has made it extremely attractive to teens.

Governor Snyder Applauds Legislature Efforts

Governor Snyder and Michigan’s House Panel has moved quickly to enact law that would criminalize the use of K2.

K2, Spice and similar products are not safe for human consumption, and I applaud the Legislature’s efforts to remove these dangerous compounds from our communities and protect our youth,” Snyder said in a release according to the Huffington Post.

Elisha Anderson of the Detroit Free Press stated the following about the bills that crack down on the chemicals:

“The package of bills cracks down on chemicals used to make the products and also gives state health officials power to temporarily ban substances deemed an imminent danger to people’s health.”

Synthetic marijuana is a plant-like material that is sprayed with chemicals which mimic THC (the active ingredient in marijuana). This is what is causing the psychotic behaviors which have produced 185 hospitalizations in Michigan through May.

Governor Snyder also said, “We’ve lost young people because of this drug. So it’s time we did something about it.

Vomiting, agitation, paranoia, rapid heart rate, seizures, loss of physical control and hallucinations are all side effects of the drug.

As of July 1st of this year, the possession and selling of K2 or synthetic drugs will be illegal. According to the same article in the Detroit Free Press, police officers will be visiting party stores, smoke shops and gas stations looking to make sure the synthetic drugs have been taken off of the shelves.

The state police have also set up a tip line where anyone can call in to report where these drugs are being sold. The tip line is 855-MICH-tip. As information about this drug grows, we may see new products with new names. The most recent example of this is foot powder, a product similar to bath salts.

For the Michigan Department of Community Health Fact Sheet on K2, see:
Synthetic Marijuana – K2 or Spice Fact Sheet