David J. Kramer Named in America’s Premier High-Stakes Trial Lawyers® 7-Figure Litigators®

David J. Kramer Named America's Premier High-Stakes Trial Lawyers® 7-Figure Litigators®

Do you need expert legal counsel or criminal defense? Are you looking for a winning trial lawyer who isn’t afraid to take on high-stakes cases?

Michigan criminal attorney, David J. Kramer has won a spot as one of America’s elite litigators at America’s Premier High-Stakes Trial Lawyers®.

David Kramer continues to win awards for his knowledge of the law, his unparalleled reputation, and the outstanding results he regularly achieves for his clients.

About America’s Premier High-Stakes Trial Lawyers®

If you are facing a legal case with potentially crippling results, how do you find a lawyer who can get you the outcome you need and isn’t afraid to take on your case?

How can you be sure you are getting an attorney with a proven record and not just a big budget to pay for ads?

America’s Premier High-Stakes Trial Lawyers® exists to help clients find the very best lawyers available in our country. Not every litigator can say he has won seven, eight, or nine figures in a settlement or verdict.

A small number of attorneys have earned that distinction, and this website serves as a database of those elite. No attorney can buy his way onto this list. The only way onto the list is by winning and winning big.

“Membership among 7 Figure Litigators®, 8 Figure Litigators®, and 9 Figure Litigators® is meant to recognize the nation’s most respected and preeminent high-stakes trial lawyers based on their verifiable verdicts and/or settlements.

With these strict standards based on the applicant’s objective results, less than one percent (1%) of active attorneys will qualify for membership — limiting selection to America’s Premier High-Stakes Trial Lawyers®.”

America’s Premier High-Stakes Trial Lawyers® Simple Formula

Any attorney who meets these qualifications may submit an application using the objective and verifiable results from a trial or trials:

  • Is a current and active member of their state bar association.
  • Hasn’t been disciplined for any reason by the state bar association for at least ten years.
  • Who has also litigated a case to verdict or settlement in the amount of 1 million dollars or more.

Not every lawyer has experience litigating at trial, and even fewer of those have experience winning.

If you have a potentially significant verdict, and you expect your case to go to trial, why settle for anything less than the best? Hire David J. Kramer.

Elite-Level Excellence

Fewer than 1% of active attorneys qualify to meet this standard, and the David J. Kramer Law Firm, PLLC has done it.

Through dedication to excellent service and aggressive representation, David J. Kramer can be named as not only one of the premier lawyers in Detroit but also in the United States.

“It is an honor to have received this designation from America’s Premier High-Stakes Trial Lawyers®,” said David J. Kramer. “Achieving a positive verdict is extremely important. However, providing excellence in criminal defense for each client’s unique case is my ultimate priority.”

Choose the Best Criminal Attorney in Detroit

David J. Kramer’s reputation and results are undisputed. Since 1992, he’s consistently been awarded for his experience, achievements, and client satisfaction. Now, with a 7-figure litigator designation, when you hire David Kramer to fight for your high-stakes case, you can be sure you’re hiring the best.

One of David’s clients stated,

“David Kramer is a great attorney with a passion for the law. He vigorously defends his clients and obtains optimum results. He did an incredible job for me. I highly recommend David Kramer for any legal problems and or issues.”

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