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Wrongful Convictions: The Reality of Incompetent Defense

Incompetent defense is a tragic reality. Consider the case of Jason Baldwin who spent more than half his life in a maximum security prison. He was one of three teenagers convicted in 1994 of the murder of 3 little boys.

Wrongful Convictions: The Ugly Truth of Incentivized Informants

Here is an aspect of criminal trial proceedings that rarely reach the consciousness of the general public. It almost never reaches the understanding of jurors: the snitch culture inherent in our criminal justice system. The reality is this. When you

Chain of Custody and Netflix Documentary Making a Murderer

What happens if the chain of custody is broken? In the 2016 Netflix documentary series Making a Murderer, one of the most electrifying and pivotal scenes for many viewers is the discovery, by Steven Avery’s defense attorney Jerry Buting, that

Eyewitness Testimony: Consequences of Wrongful Identifications

Richard Jones has recently been released from a Kansas prison. He spent 17 years serving a sentence for a crime he didn’t commit. In 1999, Jones was picked out of a police lineup. He was identified by the victim of

Wrongful Convictions: What You Need to Know

What If You Are Innocent? Last year, I covered the highly publicized trial and conviction of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey – the two main subjects of the Netflix documentary entitled “Making a Murderer.” Avery had spent 18 years in

Justice System Fails: The Dorothy Gaines Story

We have all heard of stories where the justice system fails a person. In the story of Dorothy Gaines, we can see the 360-degree impact that can happen to a family that has been hit hard by the system. Dorothy

The Steven Avery Story: When the Innocent Are Convicted

Imagine sitting in a jail cell for 18 years for a crime you did not commit. That is exactly what happened to Steven Avery, the man behind Netflix’s documentary, Making a Murderer. The documentary follows the false conviction of Avery

When Your Child is Charged with a Drug Related Crime

Has your child been charged with a drug related crime and you aren’t sure what to do? Are you worried about your child’s future? As a parent you want the best for your child. You want them you have everything

How Recording Police Interrogations Could Save You

What do you think about recording police interrogations? Have you ever had a nightmare about being falsely accused? Today, we are talking about wrongful convictions, false confessions and lives spent in prison. Unfortunately, we see innocent people going to prison

Woman Released After Being On Death Row

What would you do with your first taste of freedom after decades of being on death row? On this Wednesday, with a heavy heart I bring you another story about an innocent person being put in prison for decades. These