Michigan Sex Crime Lawyer – Key Defense Strategies

Michigan sex crimes attorney David J. Kramer

Little in life is more devastating than being accused of a sex crime.

If you are facing sex crime allegations or charges, your main concern will be to beat those charges.

To do so, you need to hire the best possible sex crimes criminal lawyer who knows the ins and outs of all types of sex crime charges and how to beat them.

When to Hire a Lawyer

The short answer is, it’s never too soon to hire a lawyer. It’s never too late to hire one either.

Even if you are hearing allegations of a sex crime or being investigated for a sex crime, you can benefit from having legal representation.

For one thing, having a lawyer to advise you means you don’t have to decide when it’s safe for you to talk to police and when it’s not.

Many people get into unnecessary trouble when they consent to an interview with Michigan police or Child Protective Services without consulting a lawyer first.

Do you know that the majority of evidence police gain in an investigation comes from statements made in early interviews?

Do yourself a favor and refuse to talk to investigators without an experienced sex crimes lawyer who is working for you.

It’s tempting to try to clear your name through consenting to a police interview. However, it can easily backfire.

Polygraph Testing

Another way in which people will try to prove their innocence is through the polygraph test, or lie detector test.

This test can be a double-edged sword. Investigators and prosecutors try to verify your information and seek out a lie using this technology.

However, it can also be used to prove an alibi if you have an attorney who knows how to use the polygraph test in your favor.

The results of polygraph testing can’t be used in court, as the court acknowledges they aren’t scientifically sound.

Polygraph tests are routinely used during questioning. A favorable result can get your case dismissed or convince prosecutors to reduce your charges.

Quality Investigation

When police are investigating your sex crime case, there are critical pieces of evidence they may overlook in their zeal to find you guilty.

Often, during an investigation, police will turn up evidence that works in your favor.

Although it is illegal, this evidence often will not come to light unless you have an aggressive defense attorney working on your case.

As your attorney, I will make sure every piece of evidence that could work to your favor will come to light.

I will investigate the background of the alleged victim to find any possible hidden motives for accusing you.

I employ some of the best expert witnesses who can challenge the state’s witnesses or verify your side.

Additionally, I will take into account the evidence collected through your electronic devices and the internet and challenge the state’s position.

Michigan Sex Crimes Lawyer

You need to hire a capable and aggressive criminal defense attorney if you want to achieve the best results in your case.

If you are facing sex crime charges, your life could spin out of control if you let prosecutors gain the upper hand.

Let me get started guiding you through every step of the process. Call my office today for your free consultation.

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