Are You Vulnerable to False Allegations of Sex Abuse?

False Allegations of Sex Abuse

Unfortunately, false allegations of sex abuse happen often.

It is no stretch to say that we live in turbulent times. Allegations of abuse against authority figures are regularly in the news.

News stories about child abuse, child molestation, and child pornography regularly horrify readers.

Since the advent of the #MeToo movement, women and children that were previously powerless have found a voice.

However, anyone who works in the criminal justice field will tell you that what you see is just the tip of the iceberg.

While public debates rage, local law enforcement agencies receive daily tips about child abuse and child sexual exploitation that, understandably, makes these agencies very quick to prosecute every alleged child sex abuse case.

Those of us working on behalf of the accused, and even sometimes guilty, share another piece of knowledge: not every man or woman accused of sex abuse is guilty.

Sometimes children are manipulated by another adult. Sometimes their imaginations get carried away.

Perhaps worst of all, children are exposed to pornography at increasingly young ages. Sometimes children with knowledge beyond their years try to use sex abuse allegations as blackmail.

Are You in a Vulnerable Position for False Allegations of Sex Abuse?

Stepparents, teachers, coaches, and other adults in authority are especially vulnerable to false allegations of abuse.

Not only do girls sometimes lie. The #MeToo movement has, unfortunately, made it difficult for some law enforcement agencies to tell the difference.

Once sex abuse allegations enter your life, the community around you may not wait for the law to take its proper course.

You may find yourself tried in a court of public opinion before any facts come out.

If you do find yourself in this position, call my office immediately to take action to defend yourself.

Do not sit back and assume that the truth will prevail.

If you know you are innocent, you still have to fight to defend yourself. It’s the unhappy truth of today. This includes delaying the decision to employ a criminal defense attorney.

Give your criminal attorney every relevant fact about the situation and keep him or her up to date.

Your attorney may have you ask family and friends to testify on your behalf.


Even though this may seem easier as pressure from the outside continues to build, any sex offense can have a severe impact on your life.

If sex abuse charges come as a result of a custody dispute, keep positive contact with your children. They may not realize what is happening.

If an allegation is coming from children not your own, remove yourself from the situation if at all possible.

If it’s not possible, always make sure you protect yourself by having another adult in company with you around any children.

This is a good rule of thumb for protecting yourself in general.

If you always have another adult present who is not related to you, you will significantly decrease your chances of sex abuse allegations.

Take the allegations seriously even if you know they are false, but go about your business as usual and try to remain positive.

Michigan Sex Crimes Attorney

It is possible to take precautions to protect yourself from false allegations of sex abuse by always having another adult present with you in situations where that’s possible.

When false claims do arise, take them seriously, and get yourself an attorney to fight for your freedom immediately.

Call my office today for your free consultation. Let’s make sure you don’t get your life taken away.

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