The Top 10 Michigan Criminal Lawyer Articles From 2019

Top Michigan Criminal Lawyer Articles

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So, without further delay, here are our top 10 most visited criminal lawyer articles of 2019, according to Google Analytics.

Top 10 Michigan Criminal Lawyer Articles

1. The Truth About 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Degree Criminal Sexual Assault

Michigan’s sexual assault laws break down illegal sexual acts into fine detail. When you are faced with a sexual assault charge, the language can get confusing, and potential penalties and threats to your reputation can be scary. The goal of this article is to make clear what the law says about sexual crimes.

2. Michigan’s New Distracted Driving Law Proposal

Have you ever been behind a driver who was swerving in their lane, only to look over and see they are on their phone? Traffic accidents have risen with the rise of the Smartphone.

In 2019, the state of Michigan proposed new “Distracted Driving” laws that would bring state laws up to speed with how fast mobile technology has grown.

The regulations currently on the books don’t allow for much of a penalty for cell phone use while driving. Learn what new laws might mean for you.

3. Registered Sex Offender: What You Need To Know

One of the scariest consequences to contemplate is mandatory registration as a sex offender. There are more offenses than you might think, which could result in that penalty, even several misdemeanor charges! Read more to find out how to avoid having to register as a sex offender and have your life changed forever.

4. Caught With a Fake ID in Michigan? What You Need To Know

Having a fake ID doesn’t sound like a big deal. It’s a familiar scene in many movies about teenage life. It’s only become easier to accomplish as technology has become accessible to almost anyone.

However, did you know it’s punished more harshly now than it has ever been before? You could be looking at jail time if you’re caught buying alcohol with a fake ID.

5. Recreational Marijuana Legalized In Michigan: What You Need To Know

State laws allowing the legal consumption, possession, and distribution of marijuana are changing all the time. In 2018, Michigan voted to legalize personal possession of pot statewide.

However, it’s still a federal crime that the Trump administration doesn’t want to allow. Also, the laws around growing and selling marijuana are confusing, and different areas of the state are pushing back against allowing the drug.

6. Michigan ATV Laws: What You Need To Know

If you’ve spent any time in Michigan, you know we love our outdoor vehicles. There are some laws governing the use of All-Terrain Vehicles. Make sure you know what they are before you head out.

7. Michigan Boating Laws You Need To Know

Here in Michigan, we also love our boating and water sports, and we make the most of our hundreds of beautiful lakes. Make sure you know the laws about safe boating by checking out this handy guide.

8. Sex on a Plane: Legal or Illegal?

Does it make you queasy to think about the couple who got fined by the FBI for performing a sexual act in their seats on a flight to Detroit?

It raises the question of whether attempting to join the “mile high club” could land you in legal hot water.

9. Felony Crimes in Michigan: Sentences and Punishment

No one ever wants to face a felony charge. Prosecutors use the word and the punishments it conjures as a scare tactic to get people to accept plea deals all the time.

Can a felony change your life forever? Read on to find out about different types of felony charges and the penalties they carry.

10. Unattended Child in Vehicle Charges and Penalties in Michigan

When is it safe to leave your kids in the car by themselves? When is it legal? While it’s rare for babies and young children to die in cars because they were forgotten, the publicity of these stories makes people think it’s never safe or legal.

However, what about older children? How much freedom do parents have to make this choice for their kids? Read on to learn more.


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