Substance Abuse Evaluation to Restore Your Driver’s License in Michigan

Car on road depicting Substance Abuse Evaluation to Restore Your Driver’s License in Michigan

Have you lost your driver’s license in the state of Michigan due to a DUI or substance abuse?

Are you overwhelmed looking at all of the steps that are necessary to restore your driver’s license in Michigan?

The process of getting your freedom back can be long, detailed, and complicated. There are many steps with many details in the legal process to navigate.

If you try to get the process started on your own, it is likely you will make it worse.

First, be aware that the following information is not intended to take the place of an experienced defense attorney. It should not be taken as legal advice.

This information is intended to give you an idea of what you will need to do to be able to drive again.

If you need immediate legal representation, contact me right away.

Substance Abuse Evaluation

As your criminal defense attorney, one of the first steps I will guide you through is getting your substance abuse evaluation as you prepare for your DAAD/DLAD hearing.

For some, this will be a simple process. If your substance abuse problems are under control, or if your arrest was not due to a chronic substance abuse problem, but rather a one-time mistake, your evaluation is likely to be on the positive side.

However, this may prove to be daunting for someone who is still struggling to maintain a sober lifestyle.

Don’t let that discourage you!

I am here to help you regardless of an unfavorable prognosis.

Moreover, I am here to guide you to make sure your evaluation includes all of the necessary information.

In addition to an unfavorable prognosis, an incomplete or poor evaluation may hold you back during your hearing.

A proper substance abuse evaluation must include:

  • Your treatment and relapse history, if any.
  • The results of any tests or examinations your evaluator administered.
  • A diagnosis by your evaluator.
  • A favorable prognosis.
  • Any history of charges and convictions you may have for substance abuse.
  • Your living and work situations.
  • Lifestyle changes you have made.
  • Prescription drugs you take.
  • Any other factors that would contribute to your continued sobriety.

Not only can I recommend the evaluators most respected by DAAD/DLAD hearing officers. I can guide you toward getting a second opinion if your first evaluation gives you a poor prognosis.

Additional Documentation

In addition, Michigan’s Secretary of State (SOS) requires at least three and no more than six notarized letters. These letters should be from people in your community that you have frequent contact with that have knowledge of your drinking and drug use.

The notarized letters could be from any of the following according to SOS:

  • Immediate family members
  • Extended relatives
  • Employers
  • Friends
  • Clerical (pastors, priests, etc.)
  • Local police officers
  • Recognized support groups (for example a 12 step meetings)
  • Neighbors or others with you have contact with.

The letters should include the following information:

  • The author’s relationship is to you.
  • How long they have known you.
  • How frequently they see you.
  • A narrative about their knowledge of your past and current use of alcohol and or drugs. Have them include the frequency of use, amount used, beverage and/or drug of choice, etc.
  • The last time they witnessed or had knowledge that you had used any alcohol and or drugs.
  • What they know about your past and current involvement in a support group and or treatment program.

Additionally, have them include any other information they believe is important.

 Gathering Information

As you can see, each step in this evaluation requires your full participation and cooperation with your attorney, your substance abuse evaluator, and the hearing officers involved in your case.

There are many details you can’t forget or leave out if your ultimate goal is to regain your freedom on the road.

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The road back to sobriety can be long and arduous. Additionally, even if you are not struggling to regain sobriety, the way back to your driver’s license will also be long and sometimes painful.

You need an experienced driver’s license restoration attorney in your corner to help you complete each step to the best possible outcome.

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