Documentation of Sobriety to Restore Your Driver’s License in Michigan

Open road depicting Documentation of Sobriety to Restore Your Driver’s License in Michigan

Are you in the process of getting your life back together after losing your driver’s license? Confused about the documentation of sobriety needed for your hearing?

Preparation for Your Hearing

If you don’t already know, restoring your driver’s license can be a long and detailed process. Whether or not you have your license reinstated will depend upon your Driver Assessment and Appeal Hearing officer. This person acts as a judge, specifically in Driver’s License restoration cases.

When you show up to this hearing in the state of Michigan, you must be prepared. You must have all the correct paperwork, and it must contain the information your officer wants to see.

Going to your hearing unprepared or with information that will work against you may keep you from regaining your license for another year. You need an experienced an aggressive defense attorney on your side to make sure this hearing goes your way.

Preparing to Ask for Documentation of Sobriety – Letters of Reference

The list of necessary documents to bring to your hearing is long. Each piece of paperwork requires multiple steps and attention to detail. It also requires that you persist until each piece of paperwork you show your hearing officer speaks to your ability to drive without endangering the lives of others.

I covered the process of getting a substance abuse evaluation. Obtaining good letters of reference can prove just as tricky, and just as rewarding.

First, to find references in your life who can attest, in detail, to your sobriety, you must be actively working on sobriety in your life.

It may simply mean that you can demonstrate your commitment to never get behind the wheel of a car if you’ve had even one drink – if your arrest came about because of a one-time lack of discretion.

It may mean that you have gotten serious about sobriety throughout years. In either case, you will not get your license back without these steps. It doesn’t matter if you think they are necessary. The state of Michigan does think so.

Get the Right Kind of Documentation

If your license has been suspended in the state of Michigan, you have one chance each year to petition the court to reinstate it. Therefore, you need to be thinking about the people whom you will ask to write your letters.

Your hearing officer will require at least three, but no more than six letters of reference from family members, friends, and counselors.

These letters must be able to tell a consistent story:

  • That you are ready and committed to abstaining from alcohol and drugs
  • That you can drive safely.

Documentation of Sobriety Factors

Here are some of the factors to consider when asking someone to write your letter:

  • The person you choose has to have personal knowledge of your sobriety. He or she must have been able to see you demonstrate your sobriety. They must be able to affirm that this is under control in your life.
  • The person you choose has to be able to say conclusively that you are at low risk for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Another crucial piece of information the person must be able to do is describe your last incidence of drinking or drug abuse.

Remember, all of your letters must tell a consistent and convincing story about your sobriety. And one of my jobs is to read all of these letters to make sure this is the case. I am here to make sure you have all the details in those letters your hearing officer will look for.

As each letter must be current (written within 90 days of your hearing), signed, dated and notarized, I will make sure every detail is correct.

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The documentation of sobriety can be confusing. It’s better to have a few good letters of reference that are clear, consistent, straightforward and trustworthy than many letters that are vague. It will only hurt your case if you have letters from people who can’t attest to your commitment to sobriety.

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