Texting and Driving: Consequences and Prevention Tips

We’ve come to rely on our cellphones to keep us connected to friends and family. With text messaging, we can stay in touch with one another all the time. As good as that can be, there are moments when those connections can be a major distraction. An obvious example of this is while we’re driving. Taking our eyes off the road for even an instant can be extremely dangerous. Yet the compulsion to check our phones for text messages can force us to make some bad decisions. The risk of an accident increases significantly if we try to return a text while we should be keeping both hands on the wheel. If you attempt texting and driving, the consequences can be severe.

We can’t always control the timing of receiving texts, but we can control how we react to them. Some discipline and common sense can help you avoid being pulled over or getting into an accident. If you want to be safer behind the wheel or know someone who does, take a look at the accompanying checklist. It contains a number of useful tips for texting and driving prevention, as well as some common consequences of texting while behind the wheel.