AMBER Alert Wakes Up Michigan with an Early Alarm

AMBER Alert Wakes Up Michigan with an Alarm

Did your phone go off at 5 am Saturday morning?

Were you aware of the missing child over the weekend?

It was 5:00 am last Saturday morning when a loud alarm went off on my phone. The alarm read AMBER Alert.

Later that day, my Facebook feed was full of stories being shared about this missing child. Pictures of the child and her dad filled my social media pages. The AMBER Alert went off at 5:00 am and the missing child was found at 11:20 pm that night.

The AMBER Alert Push to Mobile Phones

This was the first time the state police used the mobile emergency system in regards to an AMBER Alert. The phone blast was set for a 200 mile radius of Flint, Michigan.

Hundreds of thousands of phone lit up and when social media is factored in, millions of people were reached and information about the missing child.

Not every missing child is issued an AMBER Alert. According to Click on Detroit here are some criteria for issuing AMBER Alerts.

  • The abdication must be confirmed by police before issuing the alert.
  • Before the alert can be issued it must be determined by police that the child is at risk for serious bodily harm or death.
  • There needs to be enough information to cause police to believe the alert will help locate the child and suspect.

The child must be under 17 and

  • Suffers from a mental or physical disability that great impairs their ability to care for themselves.
  • The child has been taken by a stranger or acquaintance kidnapping. This happens when a child is taken by a stranger or an acquaintance of the child or the child’s family against the child will.
  • The child is in the company of a person when a confirmed criminal history of child abuse/neglect, sexual assault, domestic assault, a crime involving the victimization of children, or the person has made statements about doing the missing child harm, or the child is suicidal.
  • The child was taken by non-custodial parents whose parental rights have been terminated.

Saturday’s Missing Child, Hailey Betts

Michigan Live reported that the Michigan State Police had reason to believe that the missing child, Hailey Betts, was not only abducted by her father, but also in danger.

Michigan State Police Lt. David Kaiser said, “If it was their 6-year-old girl, they’d want us to do everything in our powers to make sure their girl was safe,” he said. “Time is of the essence in something like this.”

While there was reason to issue the AMBER Alert, Michigan Live reported Detective Sgt. Sarah Krebs saying that there is more criteria that must be met before it is pushed to all wireless devices.


In the wake of the news of the Detroit mother who admitted to killing her children and putting them into a freezer, many Detroiters and Michigan residents didn’t mind being woken up at 5:00 am about a missing child. There are some who did not appreciate the alarm.

What do you think about the AMBER Alerts being pushed to all wireless devices? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.