Teacher Pleads Not Guilty To Criminal Sexual Crimes

Truth among lies

Have you ever caught a teenager in a lie?

How far would teenagers go to protect their lie?

Finding truth among lies is sometimes a difficult thing to do. At other times, is is not. Today, we are look at a story about a California teacher who was arrested for charges of criminal sexual crimes. However, the teacher has pleaded not guilty and the defense believes that the victims are lying. After reading all the available facts, let us know what you think.

It was June when Michelle Hansen was arrested. This mother of 3 was accused of criminal sexual conduct involving 5 students. Hansen is currently on unpaid leave from the school she worked at as a special education teacher. Last Thursday, Hansen pleaded not guilty.

According to Hansen’s criminal defense attorney, David Cohn, the victims lied about the criminal sexual conduct they’ve accused Henson of. According the Huffington Post, Cohn is reported as stating to KTLA:

Do teenagers lie? Sure they do. Do they say something and then really believe it and move forward? Yes. These boys all know each other. If they didn’t know each other and had no connection to each other, then you would start to wonder.”

This mother of 3 is now facing 16 counts of criminal sexual conduct and up to 13 years in prison.

The main issue that will be argued during the trial has to do with text messages. The prosecution is claiming that Hansen sent sexual text messages, including pictures of her in underwear.

However, the defense will argue that Hansen’s phone has hacked. The defense will use evidence that Hansen went to the phone company twice, changed phones each time because people at school had been receiving text messages, photographs and emails that she did not send.

So, what do you think?

Do you believe this teacher and mother of 3 is guilty or could she be innocent? If she is innocent, what happens after the trial? Let us know in the comment section below.