How to File an Appeal in Michigan – A Review

How To File An Appeal In Michigan

For over the past month, we have been working through a series called How to File an Appeal in Michigan. The purpose of this series is to familiarize any non lawyer types with the appeal process. We’ve done this be breaking down the Michigan Court of Appeals Handbook into what I call easy digestible sections.

Filing for an appeal is full of emotion, feeling wrongfully accused, and feeling like you have one last hope. At the David Kramer Law Firm, I want you to know that you are not alone. Allow this series to equip you, providing you with the information you need. Today, I am going to review the series.

The next part of the series will look at the 3rd way you can file an appeal, Original Action.

The Michigan Court of Appeals Handbook is written for those individuals who do not have legal representation. However, please consider the caution in the first sentence below. If you need assistance in filing a appeal, call me at: 248-348-7400.