How to File an Appeal in Michigan – Claim of Appeal – Part 3

Claim Of Appeals Part 3

Do you know when to file a Claim of Appeal?

Are you wondering where to file your Claim of Appeal?

Happy Friday and welcome back to our series on How to File an Appeal in Michigan. This series helps breaking down the Michigan Court of Appeals Handbook, which is a great resource, however, without a law degree can be difficult to understand.

So far in this series we have reviewed:

Then we started examining the first type of appeal called Claim of Appeal.

Today, we are starting with the where. You can file at any of the below locations.

One thing to take note of is:

“Your appeal is not “filed” until it has been received by a clerk of the Court of Appeals.  Thus, the documents are not yet “filed” when you place them in a mailbox.  They are filed when they reach the Court of Appeals.  The clerk’s office will stamp all the documents it receives with the date and time of their arrival.”


These locations are open 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday except on Court Holidays.

  • Detroit
    Cadillac Place
    3020 W. Grand Boulevard, Suite 14-300
    Detroit, MI  48202
    Telephone:  (313) 972-5678
  • Troy
    Columbia Center
    201 W. Big Beaver, Suite 800
    Troy, MI  48084
    Telephone:  (248) 524-8700
  • Lansing
    Hall of Justice
    925 W. Ottawa St., P. O. Box 30022
    Lansing, MI  48909-7522
    Telephone:  (517) 373-0786
  • Grand Rapid
    State of Michigan Office Building
    350 Ottawa St. NW
    Grand Rapids, MI 49503-2349
    Telephone:  (616) 456-1167

Make sure to come back to find out when you need to file you Claim of Appeal next week.


Please Note:

While the Michigan Court of Appeals Handbook is written for an individual who is not represented by a lawyer, please note the word of caution in the introduction below. If you need help filing a appeal, call me at: 248-348-7400.

Appeal Caution