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The High Cost of Using a Public Defender

Law gavel and cash depicting high cost of public defender

Are you facing charges in Michigan and think you will have to accept the services of a public defender? I want to show you why you should think again; why you should never put your life in the hands of

Abortion Criminalized in Michigan: What You Need to Know

Abortion Criminalized in Michigan - Criminal defense attorney

Did you know that abortion is already banned in the state of Michigan? Michigan has the most total ban on abortion in the entire nation, pre-Roe v. Wade.

Michigan’s Animal Cruelty Laws: What You Need To Know

Gavel and Michigan criminal defense attorney, David J. Kramer

The state of Michigan has strict laws against animal cruelty. If convicted, violators could face stiff fines and jail time depending on the offense.

Antitrust Violation Attorney: Laws, Charges, Penalties & Defense

Antitrust violation attorney David J. Kramer

Are you being investigated for a federal antitrust violation?

Arrested for Making a False Police Report: Charges, Penalties, and Defense

Have you ever lost something very valuable? Were you tempted to file a police report saying it was stolen? Is it a crime to submit a false police report?

Bail: How to Get Out Of Jail But Not For Free

What happens when your son or daughter, your husband, or your friend calls you in the middle of the night and tells you they have been arrested and they need your help? Assuming you don’t feel inclined to let them

What You Need To Know About Your Arraignment

An arraignment is a court proceeding where a criminal defendant is formally advised of charges. The judge then asks the defendant, “how do you plead?” and the defendant answers either “not guilty” or “guilty.” People often mistakenly believe an arraignment

6 More Common Criminal Law Myths Exposed

In a previous article, I wrote about six of the most common criminal law myths that the general public believes. These misconceptions occur because of inaccurate television portrayals of criminal justice procedures. Or, people simply have too much faith in

6 Common Criminal Law Myths Debunked

When it comes to criminal law, the general population of this country is sorely confused. The aspects of the criminal justice system that are portrayed on television are often very narrow, overly dramatized, and inaccurate. However, because this genre of

What You Need To Know About a Hung Jury During Trial

Most people are aware of the primary possible outcomes of going to trial. Either you will be acquitted – that means a jury finds you not guilty of the charge or charges against you. Or you will be found guilty