Why You Should Hire a Defense Lawyer Before You Are Arrested

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Are you under investigation by law enforcement in Michigan? Do you have reason to believe that you, or someone you love, may be under investigation for a crime?

If so, now is the time to contact a criminal defense lawyer. It’s best not to wait until you are arrested or to sit around hoping you never will be arrested.

Criminal Investigations

There are two things you need to keep in mind if you are under investigation:

  • The first is that if police are building a case against you, it’s very likely they already believe you did the crime. Prosecutors will use every available resource to make their case and to bring evidence against you in court.
  • The other very important thing to remember is this: the police can lie to you. Police will lie to you if it fits their investigation style.

Example of Police Lies

Police lies are illustrated dramatically in the Netflix docuseries “The Confession Tapes.”

Sebastian Burns and Tariq Rafay are both more than 20 years into their life sentences. They were both convicted of the 1994 deaths of Rafay’s family. This includes his mother, father, and sister.

Police elicited what both men claim were false confessions in a sting operation called “Mr. Big” by Canada’s Royal Mounted Police (the Canadian version of the FBI).

Burns and Rafay were Canadian citizens. However, the murders took place in Seattle.

The technique used by police is illegal in the United States. Burns and Rafay’s U.S. judge allowed their confessions in court.

In addition, as police had no forensic evidence against Burns or Rafay. As both of the teenagers had alibis for the time of the murders, police relied on the confessions to make their case.

Pre-File Investigations

You may not realize that you can hire a pre-file investigative lawyer for your case, even if you haven’t get been arrested for a crime.

One of the most natural things in the world for an innocent person to want to know is, what evidence does the prosecution have against me?

Your defense lawyer will work hard to uncover any evidence police will be using against you. Additionally, he or she will work to uncover any evidence police have that can help to prove your innocence.

One big mistake people make during criminal investigations is to cooperate with law enforcement instead of actively defending their rights before charges are brought against them.

You can end up incriminating yourself without realizing it just because police have all of the right knowledge and techniques to get you to say what they need you to say.

Unfortunately for Sebastian Burns and Tariq Rafay, this extreme coercion by police was ruled legal, and they have all but exhausted all of their appeals.

How to Prevent Criminal Charges

Not only will legal representation help you gain insight into how police are conducting their investigation of you, but your defense lawyer will also advise you about how and when to speak to police and how to protect your rights.

The best way to protect yourself from being arrested and having criminal charges brought against you is to have help avoiding incriminating yourself.

Self-incrimination can and does happen even when people are innocent.

Before the “Mr. Big” sting on Burns and Rafay, police didn’t have enough evidence against the teenagers to arrest them. If they had had the advice of a defense lawyer, it’s probable they wouldn’t be in prison today.

Protect Your Future – Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you or someone you love is under investigation – or you have reason to believe so – it’s never too early to protect your future by hiring a criminal defense lawyer.

Protect your rights now, and prevent yourself from making a life-changing mistake.

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