The Kwame Kilpatrick Saga Ends With Lengthy Prison Sentence

Kwame Saga Over

Were you one of the Detroiters following the Kwame Kilpatrick trial?

Have you been surprised to hear his prison sentence?

On this beautiful Detroit Friday morning, I would like to start off by congratulating our Detroit Tigers for last night’s win against the Oakland As. Cabrera’s home runs and Verlander’s strike outs make everyone in Detroit proud.

Speaking of Detroit pride, Kwame Kilpatrick had his sentencing trial yesterday. It was one year ago that I started posting weekly updates about the Kwame Kilpatrick trial. This saga has ended. U.S District Judge Nancy Edmunds sentenced Detroit’s former mayor and former golden boy to 28 years in prison.
According to the Detroit Free Press Edmunds spent at least 25 minutes discussing what Kilpatrick did wrong including,

  • Taking Bribes
  • Steering contract to his friend Bobby Ferguson
  • Adding friends and family to the city’s payroll

The Detroit Free Press quotes Edmunds saying,

We’re demanding transparency and accountability in our government,” Edmunds said. “If there has been corruption in the past, there will be corruption no more.”

Kilpatrick was once Detroit’s and the Democrats’ golden boy. This golden boy spent 25 minutes apologizing for his actions during the sentencing trial. Detroiters all over are talking about how much hope they had put into Kilpatrick, even comparing him to Coleman Young and how Kilpatrick could have been mayor forever.

Will Kilpatrick Appeal?

Last year, I published an article called How to File an Appeal in Michigan. This article broke down in easy terms how to apply for an appeal. This looks like it may now be Kwame Kilpatrick’s next step.
The lengthy prison sentence has Kilpatrick’s lawyer talking about filing for an appeal. Kilpatrick will be sent to a prison in Texas where he can be close to his family and that is where the lawyer plans to start the appeal process.

So, what do you think? Does the good Kilpatrick did for the city of Detroit have any importance? Do you think that 28 years is enough? What are your thoughts about the Kilpatrick saga?