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What will happen to Kwame Kilpatrick?

What does the future hold for Detroit?

Happy Friday! Can you believe another week has past? It looks like we are going to have a sunny St. Patrick’s Day. Today, we are going to look at what the former mayor of Detroit’s future holds as well as the future of Detroit. We’ve all been watching the Kilpatrick corruption trial unfold, and now that it has, what next?

The Future Of Kwame Kilpatrick

After being convicted of 24 criminal crimes on Monday, the former Detroit mayor is now facing 20 years or more in prison. The Detroit Free Press reports,

Kilpatrick woke Tuesday to his new life as inmate number 44678-039 at a federal prison in Milan.” “Prison officials said the pair (Ferguson and Kilpatrick himself) shouldn’t expect any special treatment because of their high-profile status. No Twitter. No Facebook. No special foods.”

What about the 854,062.60 dollars that Kilpatrick owes the city of Detroit after the texting scandal? Just because the ex-mayor is in prison does not get him off the hook. He will be required to pay back the money to Detroit.

The Future of Detroit

I have to admit, I love Detroit sports! For some good news, Reggie Bush will be wearing number 21 for our Lions. The Detroit Free Press quote Reggie saying,

I’m not so much worried about records and what happened last year. Every year is a new year. What happened last year has no bearing on what’s going to happen in this season, and that’s the way we have to approach it. We have to approach it as a new year and learn from the mistakes of last year but, at the same time, figuring out a way to get better.”

That isn’t the only change for Detroit. Attorney Kevyn Orr, a bankruptcy expert, has been appointed Detroit’s emergency financial manager.  Whether you are happy about the emergency manager or not, I think our new Lion has a great point to be made. Detroit has been through a lot in the last couple of years, but it “has no bearing on what’s going to happen”. “Every year is a new year”.