Civil Forfeiture Defense Attorney in Michigan: What You Need To Know

Civil forfeiture defense attorney in Michigan David J. Kramer

Did you know the government can take your property even if you’ve never been convicted of a crime? It might sound like something made up. However, this practice – called civil forfeiture – is routinely practiced by both state and federal governments. It’s often abused as a way to raise revenue at the expense of American citizens and small business owners who have done nothing wrong.

It Could Happen To You

Terry Dehko is the owner of a small family grocery store in Michigan. He was forced to prove to the IRS that he wasn’t laundering money because of small bank deposits he made for insurance reasons.

It was a reversal of the proper burden of proof – which should lie with the state. He had to fight an expensive legal battle to get his savings returned.

In a similar story, Randy Sowers of Maryland – who is a dairy farmer – had the funds in his bank account seized by the feds on suspicion and without any evidence. He only received part of his money back after a lengthy battle with the IRS. 

The truth is, civil forfeiture laws allow the government to pursue action against property rather than a person.

The government can take money, cars, homes, and any other property that they suspect was involved in criminal activity. No charges have to be brought against persons.

This practice works entirely for the profit of the government. In addition, it is an incentive for the government to make a quick profit with very little evidence.

Civil Forfeiture Defense Attorney in Michigan

If you are facing the possibility of having your property seized by the state of Michigan or the federal government, you need an attorney who has the experience and the resources to help you fight back against this often corrupt practice.

Don’t let the government seize your property for their profit. Hire an aggressive criminal defense attorney to combat the government’s attorneys and their vast resources.


Civil forfeiture is so notoriously abusive that 30 states have attempted to reform their civil forfeiture laws, and two state representatives have introduced the FAIR Act – The Fifth Amendment Integrity Restoration Act to Congress. This act would:

  • Raise the standard of proof the government needs to seize property
  • Eliminate equitable sharing, which provides monetary incentives for local, state, and federal agencies to team up and go around state laws to share the assets they confiscate.
  • Reforms structuring statutes, which will force the government to prove criminal activity rather than inferring it from things like small bank deposits.


State and federal civil forfeiture is an all too common practice that, while designed to combat the proceeds from criminal enterprises, is often a cash cow at the expense of American citizens.

If you or your loved one are facing civil forfeiture, don’t fight this battle alone. Don’t just give the government what it wants.

Hire an attorney experienced in fighting the long arm of the government to do battle for you. Call my office today for your free consultation. Let me help you get your property back or keep the government from seizing your property.

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