Why One Man Needed a Good Criminal Defense Lawyer

Falsely accused

Who would you turn to if you were falsely accused?

Today, we are looking at a story of a man who was falsely accused.

Llyod Christopher Danielson III was driving through Montana for work when he was pulled over and arrested. Danielson soon found out that he matched the description of a man who had performed a drive by shooting about 100 miles away from where he was arrested.

Not only that, but Danielson had had something to drink prior to being arrested. The police accused him of drinking, driving and shooting another human being. Danielson found himself in a very difficult situation.

Soon it became evident that the man who had described Danielson was confused and eventually his story started to unravel. According to the Huffington Post,

Five days after the shooting, while being at a Veterans Administration Hospital, Dolin was confronted by investigators and admitted to shooting himself. He said that he should have come forward with the truth sooner, but was ashamed that he’d tried to kill himself and failed. Valley County authorities alleged a more calculated motive: They said Dolin shot himself in an attempt to gain publicity for a photographic memoir on kindness that he claimed to be working on.”

Unfortunately, being falsely accused is not limited to the movies. Over the past year that this blog has been up, I have written far too many articles of people being falsely accused that sometimes led some to spend 40 years of their life in prison.

Thankfully in this case, Dolin, the man making the false accusation confessed to the shooting himself. He was given a four-year deferred sentence and fines of $7,500 and restitution while Danielson was exonerated of the shooting and only had the drunk driving charge to deal with.

If you or someone you know and love has been falsely accused, I encourage you to arm yourself with a good criminal defense lawyer and one that will fight for your rights and freedom.