Ex-Grand Rapids Coach Found Guilty of First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

Ex-Grand Rapids Coach Found Guilty of First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

A former Grand Rapids diving coach was convicted of sexually assaulting and taking nude photos of a student.

Donald Richard Glass III, 34, was sentenced to 8-20 years in prison for his crimes in August. He was sentenced for first degree criminal sexual conduct. He was also sentenced to 5-20 year term for accosting a child for immoral purpose according to the Detroit Free Press.

Glass pleaded guilty to two charges as part of a plea deal. The plead deal included the Kent County Prosecutor’s Office dropping 5 additional charges.

To help understand what first degree criminal sexual conduct and accosting a child for immoral purpose is, I am providing information below. These kinds of cases are very difficult all around.

Please remember that this is general information and not legal advice. If you are in need to legal advice, please contact my office.

First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

In my article, How to Understand First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct, along with information from the University of Michigan, the definition of first degree criminal sexual conduct is made a little clearer. If you would like additional information, I recommend reading that article.

One thing to know with this charge or in Glass’ case conviction is that there was sexual penetration. That could mean sexual intercourse, cunnilingus, anal intercourse, etc.

There are also additional situations that must be present with this degree of criminal sexual conduct for example, the victim being 13 years of age.

Or, if there is sexual penetration and the victim is between 14-16 years old, the following situations must also be present:

  • The assailant or the person charged with sexual conduct must be in a place of authority over the victim.
  • The victim is related by blood or affinity.
  • Lastly, if the victim is a member of the same household as the assailant.

There are other situations like use of weapons or force or coercion is used and others that have to coincide with sexual penetration. For that information, please refer to the article above.

Accosting a Child for Immoral Purpose

According to the Michigan Penal Code, regardless of whether or not the assailant knows that the victim is less than 16 years of age or not with,

“intent to induce or force that child or individual to commit an immoral act, to submit to an act of sexual intercourse or an act of gross indecency, or to any other act of depravity or delinquency, or who encourages a child less than 16 years of age.”

The Ex-Grand Rapids Diving Coach Case

In the former Grand Rapids diving coach case, it was reported by the Detroit Free Press that the victim was offered free diving classes at the Grand Rapids Diving Club by Glass. The victim was only 13 or 14 years old when this happened.

Court records show that after the victim turned 15, she and Glass had multiple sexual encounters until March of 2015.

According to Michigan Live, Glass admitted to taking nude pictures of the victim when she was 17 years old. The relations that started when the victim was 15 ended when she was 18 years old.

Michigan Live also reported that Judge Paul Sullivan, who sentenced Glass, appreciated that Glass did not force the victim or anyone else to go to trial. He also said,

“You were someone she looked up to, you were a role model and a coach and you took advantage of her. You’ve done some serious damage.”

Take Away

Criminal sexual conduct cases are difficult for all those involved. Is someone you know has been charged with criminal sexual conduct, please advise them to contact and experienced criminal defense attorney. Please have them contact my office today.

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