Jimmy Hoffa Documentary Shown in Detroit Area

Jimmy Hoffa Documentary Shown in Detroit Area

Think you know what happen in Jimmy Hoffa?

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Jimmy Hoffa is one of the most famous missing persons of the 20th century. His file remains open to this day. Many people have come forward saying that know what happen to him and where his body is. Forty years later, Jimmy Hoffa’s body still has not been found.

His story is a baffling one. He was a labor leader and hero to many people, especially in Detroit. His story also includes connections with the mafia and connections to Kennedy.

Killing Jimmy Hoffa Documentary

The Detroit Free Press reported there will be a documentary that focuses on the possible fate of Jimmy Hoffa. The movie has been put together by Allen Bradley, aka Al Profit, a local filmmaker and an Oakland Press reporter Scott Burnstein. Burstien has written several books about Detroit Mafia.

The documentary, according the Michigan Live, will start off with a biographic look into Hoffa’s life and a look at depression era Detroit.

Here are likely to be some of the films highlights.

  • Jimmy Hoffa, according to biography.com, is one of the most well known labor leaders in American history.
  • Born in Brazil, Indiana, his father was a coal miner. While Hoffa was still young, his father died and his mother went to work. She moved her family to Detroit.
  • Little is known how far Hoffa got in his education because he dropped out to support his family. He worked for a grocery store at the loading dock in Detroit. This is where he first organized a labor strike. Michigan Live reported that grocery store to be none other than Kroger.
  • He and his coworkers refused to load a shipment of strawberries. That was their bargaining chip and soon they had a new deal.
  • Hoffa joined the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in the 1930s. It was not long until Hoffa became the Detroit’s chapter union president. In 1952, Hoffa became the vice president of the entire union. In 1957, Hoffa became president of the Teamsters.
  • One of Hoffa’s biggest victories as president was when he brought together almost all the truck drivers in North America under one contract.
  • Hoffa became well know, to both the FBI and Robert F. Kennedy who was the U.S. General Attorney at the time.
  • Eventually, Hoffa who had been indicted many times, was found guilty of bribery and jury tampering during his 1962 federal trial for conspiracy. Shorty after that, Hoffa was convicted of misusing money from the union’s pension plan.
  • Hoffa was sentenced to 13 years in prison in 1967. However, Nixon gave him a presidential pardon in 1971. Part of his release banned Hoffa from leadership position in the unions until 1980.
  • Jimmy Hoffa worked hard to regain his control over the teamsters. The day he went missing, he was on his way to meet a local crime figure and a union leader from New Jersey who was mob connected. Hoffa was stood up and then disappeared.


Jimmy Hoffa’s story is one directly tied in with Detroit’s history. The labor hero went missing while many Detroiters still supported him.

The documentary, which will have more than just a few highlights, was screened at the Emagine Royal Oak Theater in early February. It is available on Amazon, iTunes, and the film’s website, Killing Jimmy Hoffa.

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