Santa’s Elf Arrested for Drunk Driving

No drinking driving

You may have heard of a bad Santa, but have you heard of a bad elf?

What are the elves doing while Santa prepares his sleigh?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

All around Detroit people have embraced the holiday spirit. Christmas carols have been sung, Christmas trees have been decorated, and now it is finally here, Christmas Day!

Many children headed to the department stores to see Santa Claus and tell him what they want for Christmas. This morning they woke up to find out if Santa was listening or not.

Sometimes as parents, we wonder about the Santa our child is visiting. We’ve all seen movies like Elf and remember the line,

You sit on a throne of lies” or “You smell like beef and cheese”

One Elf Caught Drinking and Driving

While Santa Claus was preparing the sleigh, one of his elves was caught drunk driving last week. Brandon Touchet was arrested in Louisiana last week for drinking and driving. According to the Huffington Post, Touchet’s blood alcohol level was .124. Brandon was reportedly wearing a Buddy the Elf custom when arrested.

Brandon the elf was pulled over for drinking 60mph in a 40 mph zone. According to the Smoking Gun,

Police reported that Touchet, a Lafayette resident, smelled of booze, was unsteady on his feet, and was slurring his words during questioning. After reportedly admitting to “speeding and consuming alcoholic beverages,” Touchet took a Breathalyzer test that registered his blood alcohol content at .124 (the legal limit is .08).”

A Reminder About Drunk Driving

Don’t forget as you celebrate the holidays in Michigan that the legal limit is .08 and there are increased fines if you breathe a .17. This holiday, make sure to stay safe and designate a driver if you are drinking. If you have been charged with a DUI, make sure to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. Please call my office at:

248-348-7400 or 586-530-1000