Drunk Driving in Michigan and the Holidays

Have you noticed more police on the roads this holiday season?

Has the legal blood alcohol limit changed?

While there has been some news in the past year about Michigan’s legal blood alcohol level limit changing, this holiday season it appears that it will remain at .08.

That doesn’t mean Michigan residents should enjoy an additional alcoholic beverage before heading to the roads. Instead, many cities all throughout Michigan are cracking down of drunk driving during the holidays.

Jackson, Michigan’s Zero Tolerance

This past Thanksgiving, Jackson, Michigan took a zero tolerance approach to patrolling the city’s streets. Police were on the lookout for anyone who was unbuckled and anyone who had been drinking and driving.

Mlive.com reported that in 2012, 9 people died on Michigan roads during the holiday season. Four of those deaths were alcohol related and three deaths were from the victims not wearing a seat belt.

Livingston County

Livingston County followed suit with Jackson during Thanksgiving weekend by stepping up the road patrols. According to the LivingstonDaily.com, there were nine drunken-driving arrests from November 27-30 reported by the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department. In addition, the Michigan State Police was stated as reporting no fatalities in the county for that period.”

Metro Detroit

The Detroit Free Press also reported that police intensified patrols for the Thanksgiving weekend. Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham stated that the increase in patrol cars over the holidays sends the important message,

The message is you have people going out and having a good time, but drink responsibly and have a designated driver. Just be smart. Have a good time, but be smart. Your life and the lives of the other motorists are very important.”

Holidays Can Be Stressful

Ideally, the holidays should be a time to relax. It would be ideal if you could get along with your family and if the Christmas dinner turned out just the way you wanted it. For many people, the holidays are stressful. One yoga teacher put it this way, “if you ever want to test your serenity, hang out with family.”

If you choose to enjoy a beverage or two during this holiday season, the best present you can give yourself is to set up a designated driver.

If you find yourself in a situation where you did not have a designated driver and find yourself facing a DUI or OWI, make sure to contact an experienced defense attorney. You do not have to face those charges alone. Please call my office at:

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