Michigan Man Charged with OWI While Driving a Lawn Mower

Are you aware that the drunk driving laws aren’t just for cars?

Hello and happy Monday. This morning was beautiful, wasn’t it? I love Detroit in the spring. Today, we are looking at a story where a man was arrested and charged with drunk driving after taking his lawn mower to a local drug store. Yes, you read it right. He was driving a lawn mower.

An Evening Like Any Other

It was an evening like any other when Roy Walton of Bloomfield Township got onto his lawn mower and headed to the drug store to pick up a few items.

Wilk.com reports,

Authorities say Walton rode the mower to a drug store on March 22. Police noticed the mower parked on the sidewalk. They watched Walton leave the store, hop on the mower and drive down the sidewalk. Police say they stopped Walton, determined he was drunk and arrested him.

Driving Under the Influence Included his Lawn Mower

Walton is now facing a felony charge for drunk driving. Whether or not he knew that driving under the influence included his lawn mower, he does now. It’s not like you take a lawn mower driving course, and I’m sure Office Depot or Sears didn’t tell him after he bought the machine.

The Wilk.com article also includes the video of the arrest and Walton failing the field sobriety test.

Yes, you can be charged with a drunk driving charge even while driving a lawn mower. We have even seen people get charged with drunk driving for simply putting the car in drive and not ever pressing on the accelerator.

If you have found yourself in this type of situation, be sure to get in touch with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. In Mr. Walton’s case alone there are many questions to ask. Never go into court alone.