The Holidays, Domestic Violence and Drunk Driving

Holidays and domestic violence

Do the holidays fill you with excitement or dread?

Are you more likely to have an extra glass of wine during the holiday season?

Holidays are full of family, food, cookies and gifts. While the holidays are wonderful, they can be filled of a lot of pressure. Pressure to have the perfect home, the perfect cookies, Christmas card, etc. We want the holidays to be perfect and sometimes the pressure of that expectation can hurt us.

There are a lot of reasons why the holidays are great. But, those same reasons can sometimes lead to frustration, anger and sadness.

Are you aware that during the holiday season, according to The Alpena News, people are more likely to drink alcohol? The Northeast Michigan newspaper obtained this information from Sgt. Eric Hamp of the Alpena Police Department. He said:

Without running the numbers, I would say typically we see more alcohol-related complaints. People typically have days off for the holidays and tend to indulge in alcohol, which often times causes problems. A lot of times we’ll see more domestic-related incidences as well … related to the alcohol.

If you were aware that people drink more during the holidays, you may not have been aware about the link between alcohol and domestic violence. With the added pressure of host and being around family, a few holiday drinks may seem like a great idea.

The Sgt. also comments on the increase of traffic accidents around the holidays.

And traffic accidents, typically because there are more people on the road traveling, especially during Thanksgiving, and then this year it didn’t help with the weather, obviously.”

Later in the article the Sgt. comments on an arrest his police department made for drunk driving.

It’s the holidays though and we all want to have a good time. Unfortunately, it is a fact that drunk driving and domestic violence incidents go up during the holiday season. If you find yourself in a tough situation with that may have caused charges, you will want an experienced defense attorney to defend you. Keep my number handy if you run into any trouble.