Kwame Kilpatrick Promoting Jobs in Detroit

Was Kilpatrick really one of Detroit’s biggest supporters?

Did Kilpatrick keep jobs in Detroit?

Happy Wednesday! If you have been following our blog, you know that we have been updating the people of Detroit on the Kwame Kilpatrick trial. This latest update may have you wondering if Kilpatrick advocated and created Detroit jobs.

It won’t surprise you to hear that a “top city water official” was testifying that Kilpatrick directed million dollar contracts to his friend Bobby Ferguson. In an article by the Detroit Free Press, this top city water official describes Kilpatrick as making him “uncomfortable”.

This witness went on further telling about one in particular multimillion dollar contract. He reported that another company had outscored Ferguson’s company and they were the ones to get the contract. This Ohio based company would eventually get certified as a “Detroit-headquartered business”, according to the witness.

Kilpatrick pushed for Bobby Ferguson’s Detroit based company to receive the contract and communicated to the witness that businesses in Detroit would get favorable treatment. Even though the Ohio company was in line, Kilpatrick gave the contract to a Detroit based company – that his friend happened to run.

That brings us to the question of whether or not Kilpatrick was bad for Detroit.

We’ve all heard about the sexting scandal and how the Kilpatrick Enterprise lined their pockets with tax payers’ dollars. But, what we haven’t heard is  how Kilpatrick may have kept jobs in Detroit.

Could Kilpatrick Enterprise have actually kept jobs in Detroit? At this point in the game, would that change your opinion of Kilpatrick? Or is it too late?