4 Michigan Men Facing At Least 20 Felonies Each


Ever dreamed of breaking open a safe?

Have you ever seen a movie like The Town and wondered, “I could do that”?

If you have ever had these thoughts, first let me say that you are not alone. Many have dreamed of pulling off a high stake heist. Second, make sure that you know a good criminal defense lawyer because the penalty is large.  Four Michigan men now know that all too well.

The movies are so compelling, aren’t they? Our hero has a something tragic happen that forces him into one more heist. Somehow that heist just barely goes right. In the movie, The Town, Ben Affleck and his Boston crew get away with many break-ins.  In real life, that rarely happens.

If you don’t believe me just ask, Quang Nguyen, Jeffrey Aron Schuh, Jeffery Arthur Schuh and Steven Colwell. Ann Arbor.com calls these guys a “ring”, stating that the,

The ring fell apart after Colwell was arrested after allegedly breaking into a Webster Township home on Aug. 9. According to police, he confessed to many home invasions in the area, mostly in Dexter and Ann Arbor.

The kind of items that were stolen from the homes included jewelry and credit cards. In one of the home invasions, the ring cracked a safe. The particular charge has 2 of the men facing life in prison.

In cases where there seems to be a “ring” of criminals, police will go after the group with everything they’ve got. Plea deals are given in exchange for names, information and even confessions. This is why having an experience criminal defense lawyer by your side can prove to be critical.